Hotel Information Guide

Dear visitor, we are delighted to welcome you to the Almyra Village 4* Apartments.This hotel catalogue gives you all the information you need for the facilities and services we have. If you have additional questions please contact the hotel reception. We wish you a pleasant stay with us and enjoy your holidays in Karpathos.

Our hotel welcomes and thanks you, for your choice,with a basket filled with different kind of greek products.In our hotel you can enjoy watching satelite tv and 24hour room service.We also have a gym in the accomodation for your everyday training.Also we are providing magazines and newspapers.Iron and ironing board is provided in every room and baby cot upon request.

Reception open for 24 hours

Our hotel has an open 24-hour reception with internal or external telephone access and concierge service.

Wi Fi
The wifi in the hotel, is free of charge in all of the public areas and in the apartments.We can also provide you laptop or tablet in case of an emergency.

Air conditioning & heating

Each apartment has an autonomous air conditioning units, which is controlled by a remote control. Please make sure that the balcony door is closed before using the air condition. If you need help or have questions about the system, please contact our reception for help.


All the apartments have a power saving system installed. Your key holder is a magnet, that opens or closes the room’s electrical power switch when it is placed in the special socket at the entrance of the apartment. The power supply to the refrigerator is continuous in every case. For your own safety, in case you lose your key, please notify the reception immediately. Always close the door when leaving your apartment. The hotel is not responsible for the loss of money or personal belongings.Please avoid any contact of the magnet with watches and credit cards. Please remember to leave the key in the reception on your check out.


Breakfast is served from 08:00 to 11:15.

Breakfast can be served in the room.

We also have an early or late breakfast service(12:00), and food service in special packages upon request. For more information about our breakfast please contact the reception.

Cleaning service

Room cleaning is until 14:00. The cleaning team is at your service. If you need extra or fresh towel, extra pillow different kind of your choice, blanket or hangers, please contact the reception.In case you need dry cleaning,washing and ironing service please contact the reception.Please do not take the hotel towels to the beach. Please pay attention to some products of personal care such as sunscreens,tanning lotions and make-up products that destroy clothing.For any disaster or loss of clothing, the hotel reserves the right to claim compensation.


Please do not throw anything into the toilet,as this could cause serious damages in the hotel’s plumbing system.

Balcony doors

During the summer months there may be strong winds, which can cause damages if the balcony doors are left open.


Pets are not allowed in the hotel. Some stray animals, especially cats,enter the hotel on their own. Please do not pay attention so that they are discouraged from staying in the accommodation.These cats do not belong to the hotel, they are not vaccinated and it is not safe to touch them, regardless of the intimacy they have.For hygiene reasons, avoid feeding them. Do not use hotel items, crockery, glassware or towels to care them.When a cat is fed, she stays forever in the shelter, which requires intervention by local authorities to remove them.


Smoking is not allowed in the apartments and in the interior areas of the hotel.


Tap water is not drinkable. As during the summer months there is a shortage of water on the island, please spend it wisely. Before leaving the room,please make sure that all taps are closed and if you notice any leakage please report it in the reception immediately.

Hot water

Provided 24 hours.

Car rental

Please contact the reception for more information.

In the hotel you can find program with varius activities.Please contact reception for more information.

Credit cards

All credit cards are accepted.If you have questions about payment methods, please contact the reception.

Lost Objects

Report any missing items soonest. We will make every effort to find them.


Karpathos is one of the safest destinations in Greece and Europe. For your safety, however, we recommend that you always keep your room locked. Please avoid disclosing your room number to strangers.In case you lose your room key, please report it to the reception immediately.

Telephone Services

Reception: 0

External line: 9

From room to room: room number directly

Local call: 9 + code + number

International call: 9 + international code+ number


The departure time is 11:00 in the morning. Luggage storage room is available if you wish to spend more time in town before leaving.Contact reception.If you wish a later check out or to extend your stay, please contact the reception.

Baggage and transfer

A luggage storage area and transport is available. If you wish to store or carry your luggage, please contact the reception.

Accounting department

For your better service, we would like to inform you that for accounts over 500 €,payment may only be made by credit card or bank wire transfer.Please have all your bills settled the latest on the evening before your departure. The hotel’s accounting department is at your disposal from 08:00 to 16:00

Airport – Transfers

Karpathos International Airport is approximately 18 km from the hotel and takes about 25 minutes by car. If you wish to arrange a transfer from or to the airport, please contact the reception.

Incects and mice repeller

In our hotel we take special treatments with specialized and certified staff, for keeping all the areas of the hotel clean from incects and mice.

Fire Safety Instructions

We have taken security measures for your safety and all of our staff are trained to help you in case of danger. Do not smoke in the apartment and inside the hotel. Always use the ashtray provided on the balcony. Learn the escape route.In case of difficulty walking, please contact reception.

If you discover the fire:

Stay calm, do not panic. Contact the reception.Turn on the alarm by breaking the window of the closest “Fire Alarm Switch”. Do not stop to pick up personal items. Notify the cleaner or any other staff member.If you smell smoke, stay low, smoke rises.Go to the “Muster Station”.Do not re-enter the hotel until you are notified that it is safe.

**The Administration reserves the right to change or cancel any of the above-mentioned services without notice.


What is the express check out?

Customers might not want to go through all the procedure of the usual time consuming check out but prefer just to leave the hotel without dealing with the reception desk.

Therefore, we offer the express check out. That means that the client has the following  advantages:

  • He/she can leave the room key in the room or in an envelope dropped into the box at the reception desk
  • Any outstanding bills will be automatically charged by the hotel without the presence of the client as he/she has given his authorization during the check in or in advance by filling in the EXPRESS CHECK OUT FORM.

How to proceed/deal with customers arriving/staying in the hotel who wish the express check out


  • We ask the customer on arrival if they would like to take advantage of the express check out service.

(Not every customer will agree as most of the customers prefer to examine all bills first before their card will be charged.)

  • Explain to the customer that the final bill will be charged on his/her card account without the need for a cardholder signature at check out.
  • Ask the customer for a PRE-AUTHORIZATION APPROVAL for the expected amount of the bill.

In case our pre-authorization request is declined, please ask the customer for an alternative form of payment (e.g. cash deposit amount or specific amount by bank transfer to our account)

  • Inform the customer that the bill will be sent via e-mail, together with the payment confirmation and the signed express check out form to the customers e-mail address stated in the express check out form.

The following steps are necessary during the arrival check in for clients who wish the express check out:


  1. The EXPRESS CHECK OUT FORM needs to be filled in properly by the customer and needs to have the following information:
  • Full name
  • Address (private or in case customer wants a 3rd party to be invoiced, company address and full company name, VAT)
  • E-mail address
  • room number
  • credit or debit card number (incl. expiry date and CVC code)
  • signature


  1. The credit card stated must be in the name of the customer.

After the customer has stated the card details in written, please ask the customer for the card in order to check this with the card details stated in the form. Also, check the signature of the customer on the card or in his passport with the signature on the form.

Procedures of the reception desk while the customer is still in the hotel

  • Daily check of total charged amount with the authorized amount. Should the bill be higher by more than 15% than the authorized amount, contact customer in order to sign a higher authorized total amount.
  • Send to the customer a day before his/her departure a statement of the charge total until that day and inform him/her where to leave the key on departure day.

Back office procedure after check out of the customer

  • Print invoice with the total charges
  • Charge total amount to the card stated in the express check out form
  • Send invoice, payment confirmation and copy of the express check out form to the customers e-mail address
  • Keep a special file with copies of the bill/invoice and authorization form for at least 18 months.